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Newbury 16

The proprietors of Newbury School are pleased to announce the launch of Newbury 16, our post 16 arm of  Newbury independent School.


Newbury 16 has been established to advance further education for the young people entering year 12 and those pursuing education up-to 19 years of age. In particular, but without prejudice to these criteria, Newbury School Project will; establish, maintain, carry on, manage and develop a further educational facility offering a broad and balanced range of vocational activities, organised to make special educational provision for pupils with Special Educational Needs. The aim of this program is to provide full-time or part-time education for children of compulsory school age who, by reason of illness, exclusion from school or otherwise, may not for any period receive suitable education unless alternative provision is made for them.

Providing for our youth

No student leaves Newbury school (NEET) Not in Education, Employment or Training.  We would like Newbury school to develop the skills, ability and confidence for the students to be able to compete in the job market and add a significant and meaningful contribution to the environment and the communities they live in.

Newbury 16

Newbury 16 has been designed to build on the successful work our Students have achieved whilst attending Newbury School. We feel it is imperative to continue the relationship model with our Students and now have the ability to continue working with them until they are 19 years of age.

Vocational Courses

We acknowledge that our Students may not benefit from the traditional classroom teaching approach. Newbury School promotes holistic education as it is considered a form of alternative learning because of its emphasis on creating a different learning environment. Newbury School echoes this and provides vocational courses to allow our students to learn through work placements, experience and apprenticeships.

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Visit Us: Unit 4 Cuckoo Wharf, 435 Lichfield Road, Aston, Birmingham, B6 7SS

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