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Home School & Remote Learning

In light of the recent pandemic, Newbury has reformed its policies and provisions for online and offsite education. 

We use platforms such as Google Classroom, Zoom and online quizzes to ensure the curriculum is accessible for all students. In cases where students have limited or no access, we work with the local council, to provide alternatives to these students. 

Our curriculum is dynamic and can be easily altered to the needs of our learners. In most cases lessons are taught online following the daily routine time table. 

In some cases students, may struggle with coming into the school building. As a school we provide home learning opportunities for those students. See our lone worker and home learning policies to find out more!

Mental Welbeing 

Learning in isolation can be hard, so we have listed some suggestions below that may help you during this time.

Create a Routine! Without a routine, sometimes our daily actions can be become imbalanced ( we might stay in our night wear all day, lose track of time and eat breakfast bars for dinner!). However, a solid routine should help alleviate anxiety and stress. 

Physical activity! There are lots of things we can do to release pent up energy and improve our fitness. Go for a walk in the park, ride a bike or create a home gym! There are loads of home workouts on YouTube that require no gym equipment and can be done in your room. Don't forget to drag your parents along! 

Read and Talk! Call a friend, make light conversation and update them on the activities in your day. This way you create conversation pieces through the activities you have planned. Even if we can’t go to our friends and loved ones , there are lots of opportunities to stay connected . Grab a good book, it will create a sense of calm and invigorate your imagination, view the Newbury 12 here.

If you are struggling with online school or any mental wellbeing issues visit our safeguarding page to find information to help you cope!.

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