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Board of Governors

Introduction from The Chair

On the behalf of the governing body I would like to welcome you to Newbury School. One of our main aims as a governing body is to support the school in ensuring each child leaves Newbury having developed a love of learning, resilience, skills and confidence to excel in every aspect of their school life and beyond. In addition, we are keen to ensure that this is done in a supportive and caring environment where every child can achieve irrespective of their starting point.


We are confident that the Principal, Head Teacher and staff are committed, passionate and innovative in their approach in guiding and supporting each student to develop and as governors we are equally steadfast in fulfilling the ethos of the school.


As an active governing body, we aim to fully be involved in the school. This includes being present at a range of activities throughout the year or visiting to monitor different areas of the school life as well as investigating strategies for improvement.


We are always looking for ideas to improve the school experience and so we welcome your comments and feed

back. If you wish to speak to one of us, please feel free to do so.


Sasha Taylor

Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboard

Sasha Taylor


  • Category of Governor - Chair  

  • Term of office/date elected - To be confirmed  

  • Involvement in governance of any other educational establishments - None 

  • Pecuniary interests (material interests arising from relationships between governors and/or governors and staff including spouses, partners, close relatives - None 

  • Relevant skills and expertise you are bringing to the role of Governor - School Curriculum

  • Why I wanted to be a Governor - To be confirmed

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