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Welcome from the Headteacher

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It is with much pleasure and delight that I extend to you a warm welcome  to Newbury School and our website.  Newbury Independent School is an alternative provision  catering to students who struggle to access secondary education. With  the provision ranging from Year 7 through to 11, along with a Post 16 vocational provision. I hope you will have the opportunity to learn about our school community and how we aspire to provide our students with a hope and a future.


We pride ourselves in having a school that focuses on the  education and support of the young people in  our care.  My passion has always been to support young people in knowing and working towards achieving their full potential, ensuring that they are provided with lifelong learning opportunities. As such I lead by example in ensuring that all the needs of our students are met by promoting best practices in our provision.


During my time in education, it was apparent to me that many young people are unable to access mainstream education and are in need of more bespoke educational programmes. I therefore welcomed the opportunity to work at Newbury School to further support students who will benefit from a more alternative educational package. 


At Newbury School, we believe in providing our students with a rounded and personalised curriculum.  As a team we ensure that our students have a sense of belonging, that they believe they can achieve, and flourish. We are proud of our school community, as it is one where we work together to ensure that we raise the aspirations of our students and support them as they transition to their future destinations.

Enamul Hoque

Head Teacher

Newbury Independent School, Birmingham


Newbury's Mission

Our mission is to prepare each child academically, socially, and emotionally, to be successful contributors to society.  We will do this through an engaging, dynamic, robust yet adaptable curriculum that equips students to be life-long learners. 

We accept the responsibility for providing a safe environment in which students are contributing  members, that they will be able to serve their school community and the wider community now and in the future.

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