Reading & Literacy

Get lost in a good book, it truly opens the imagination,  creates a calm mind and promotes relaxation. In line with the drive outlined by the government to increase the literacy of students across the nation we have implemented a reading and literacy curriculum, using dedicated reading time and an ASDAN bespoke curriculum which is fulfilled though the Newbury 12.  

Reading is a higher order skill and requires students to listen, process and understand what is presented on the page. Reading improves students' vocabulary, speech, imagination, creativity and promotes a deeper understanding of messages whether stated or inferred.  

With so many advantages to reading we are proud to say we are a reading school!

Fun fact: Reading a book before bed refreshes the mind and encourages deep restful sleep!

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The Newbury 12

The Newbury 12 is a collection of books that are both classic and modern and relate to many themes that we all face in life. These books will be read by our students during their tenure with us - it is an introductory list and not exclusive.


The Newbury 12 are books that many of the staff grew up with, read to their own children and some  newly discovered. We believe that having our students read these books we will develop their emotional, academic and social skills.

Our school has a physical library  and a Good Reads library, our students have access to books purchased from the Amazon library which are on our Good Reads bookshelf.  They can read a selection of books on the Kindle tablets we have in school. 

What is the staff reading at Newbury?

Mrs Watson is reading John Maxwell Leadership

Mr Miller is reading Mo gilligan's autobiography That Moment When: Life Stories from Way Back Then

Mrs Wara is reading The Nelson Mandela autobiography Long walk to freedom

Mr Watson is reading Lewis Hamilton's autobiography My Story

Mr Belcher is reading the classic literature book Lord of the flies 

Mrs York is reading Black Beauty by Anna Sewell

Mr Leslie is reading Ian Wright's autobiography A life in football

Ms Butler is reading Tyson Fury's autobiography Behind the mask

View our reading curriculum click here


Additional Reading Resources

Along with the resources we provide we also have additional free resources for all stakeholders to take advantage of!

The National Literacy Trust is an agency dedicated to raising literacy levels across the UK, working with UK's most disadvantaged communities. Their resources are completely free, find them at 

The Book Trust  is the largest reading charity in the UK with lots of free resources to take advantage of find them at